Selling Your New Jersey Home With Fire Damage

Want To Sell Your New Jersey Home Fast With Fire Damage – We Could Be Your Solution

Even with the right insurance in place, fire damage to a house is incredibly stressful for any homeowner. The sheer damage is enough to make the strongest people lose hope. And what about the costs to repair the home? It is safe to say the situation is as close to a nightmare as you get. Because how do you deal with the problem when you have to patiently wait for the insurance company? And when the claim takes too long, you run the risk of having your property listed by the city as a health risk. And nobody wants this to happen, do they? 

Luckily, there is some good news for homeowners facing this particular problem. Instead of losing sleep about the whole situation, why not sell us the property for cash? Skip the complications of working with a real estate agent and come straight to the people who are more than willing to take all that stress off your shoulders. And here are just some of the benefits when we buy your New Jersey house after fire damage. 

No Restoration Costs: 

Even though some realtors are very good at their job, it is going to take a miracle to sell a home with fire damage. Not only will the realtor advise you to pay for restorations first, but potential buyers can insist on restoration as well. And when you have to hire professionals to make the home liveable again, expect to pay a lot of money. These people do not come cheap, and buyers usually want tests done afterward to prove it is safe to move in. Either way, money has to be spent, even if you do not have it. 

Now add the cost of replacing all the belongings you lost in the fire. Yes, it can amount to a number that makes you break out in a cold sweat. But it does not have to be the case when you sell your property to a house buying company. Why? Because we take the property as it stands. This means you do not have to spend a dime on repairs or any other professional help to restore the house to its previous condition. After our team does a quick inspection and assesses the damage left by the fire, you are provided with an offer. 

Take Your Money And Start Over: 

It is very common for homeowners to struggle financially after fire damage occurred. For starters, insurance companies are focused on paying out as little as possible, leaving the homeowner with more stress and a lack of funds. And when a homeowner is unable to get the full claim they put in, it makes the process of starting over even more challenging. Hence the reason for selling the property and giving yourself a head start. Now you can have additional funds to find a new place, while you systematically recover the items and belongings you lost after fire damage.

The beautiful part is how quickly everything happens because we are as urgent as homeowners need us to be. And because we buy the house for cash with such speed, it allows you to shed just about all the stress you currently face. Also, consider the fact that we take over the claim process with the insurance company once we own your property. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our insurance adjuster, we know exactly how to handle those difficult insurance companies. More importantly, you won’t have to worry about it any longer. 

We Have The Money In Place: 

Many buyers have to get financing in order to purchase a property. So, they can put in an offer. But if their loan does not get approved, the deal automatically falls through and you have to find another buyer. This type of situation only gets more frustrating if you already spent money on restoring the place. But when you sell your house for cash to us, you can trust we have the money ready and waiting. In other words, you can take our offer to the bank and forget about dealing with difficult buyers that want professional tests done. 

Selling Your Home For Cash Is A Very Simple Process: 

What else sets house buying companies apart from selling through a realtor? Well, you are not going to be overwhelmed with mountains of paperwork. You don’t even have to wait very long. All you have to do is answer some questions through a website (or by phone if you prefer), and then you get your offer within a matter of hours. And what about commission fees you wonder? They are not applicable because there is no third-party involved. The deal is directly between you and us, the house buying company. 

Avoid Those Dreaded Mortgage Payments: 

On top of all your problems, do you really want to worry about mortgage payments for a property you cannot really use without restoring it? No, you don’t. Hence the reason for selling your New Jersey home after fire damage for cash, and avoid any further frustration.

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