Real Estate Stats Middlesex County

An Overview of Real Estate Stats Middlesex County

We Buy Houses New Jersey and have done for many years. This has helped us build a great knowledge of the area so here are some of the stats we look at in Middlesex County.

Middlesex County is a small borough in New Jersey. It has a population of approximately 13,712 people and consists of two constituent neighborhoods. Middlesex County is also the 144th-largest community in all of New Jersey. It has a mixture of culture with African Americans, Whites, and Blacks staying together in the same neighborhood. This county also has diverse job profiles, such as sales jobs (14.07%), management occupations (9.94%), and administrative support (14.95%).

Living in Middlesex County

Middlesex County is a good place for families to settle down. It has a combination of good schools, college-educated neighbors, and a low crime rate. Neighbors are warm, friendly, and helpful. The county is appropriate to raise children in because it has all the features that families look for in a good community. The home ownership rate is quite high here as it predominantly consists of single-family properties.

Real estate in Middlesex County

There are nearly 4,943 apartments and houses in Middlesex County. $378,589 is the median cost of homes here. According to the real estate stats Middlesex County, prices of properties are slightly higher compared to the real estate market in New Jersey.

Single-family detached homes are the most common properties in this county, accounting for almost 70.89% of the housing units. Some of the other types of residential properties prevalent in Middlesex County include small apartment buildings (4.01%), attached homes and row houses (12.06%), high-rise apartments (12.66%), and a few duplex homes.

You will also find several owner-occupied homes with three and four bedrooms. These homes constitute 71.24% of the owner-occupied homes. On the other hand, 67.55% of the owner-occupied homes have three or four bedrooms. These are average-sized homes that most buyers want to purchase because of their availability and affordable price.

Home appreciation rates in Middlesex County

The appreciation rate for properties in Middlesex County has been lower than the national average in the last ten years. This means you have a golden opportunity to buy your dream house at a relatively less price than what you expect.

The average appreciation rate for medium-sized homes here was 1.31% in 2019. This is lower by 80% than all the other US communities. As per the real estate stats Middlesex County of the last quarter, the appreciation rate was 0.75%. Although this equates to 3.02% annual appreciate rate, the average is still lower than the rest of the country.

Most of the homes available for sale in Middlesex County range between $233,000 and $350,000. These account for almost 44.4% of the houses. Second in this range are houses priced between $350,000 and $466,000. They make up for 33.6% of the houses available here.

Middlesex County is an ethnically diverse borough. It has people from various races and ethnic groups, thus creating an atmosphere of mixed culture and traditions. Although most people speak English here, you will also find residents who speak Vietnamese and Spanish.

If you are looking to shift to a peaceful and friendly place with your family, start shortlisting Middlesex County properties. It is one of the most wonderful places to live for families and kids to grow up. If you live in Middlesex County and have found yourself googling Sell My Middlesex County Home Fast, then get in touch. We Buy Middlesex County Houses Fast

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