How to Sell My NJ House Fast For Cash

Sell My NJ House Fast For Cash

Sell My NJ House Fast For Cash

Need to sell your New Jersey home fast for cash? Or do you need to sell your New Jersey home within a short time?. 

If your googling How Do I “Sell My NJ House Fast” You would agree with me that if you sold it out of desperation, then you would not get full value for your house. And if you are to get full value for your house, it would take a very long time to complete the sale.

However, there is an exception to this rule, the exception is Doug Pays Cash for Houses. 

Yeah, you read right, Doug Pays Cash for Houses is a company that buys houses from their owners, particularly distressed sellers and pays in cash. 

Based in New Jersey, Doug Pays Cash for Houses majorly specialise in distress sale. 

Are you done with that divorce and you are looking to move on quickly? Then, you have to sell that home, split the profits, and move on without any delay. Doug Pays Cash for Houses understands your needs and that’s why they move swiftly to help meet them.

At Doug Pays Cash for Houses, we operate an easy and seamless sale such that there is no hitch for either party. 

Steps to Sell My NJ House Fast For Cash

Step 1: Contact Doug Pays Cash for Houses

The way we operate is quite easy. All you have to do is to contact us. After contacting us, you instantly become our top priority until the sale is over. We ask you for the necessary information about your New Jersey home. 

Step 2: Set up and appointment  for inspection

After furnishing us with the necessary information, we will set up an appointment to come and inspect your home. 

Step 3: Get offer

If your house meets our taste and standards, we will make you a fair offer immediately. It then depends on you to accept our offer, as soon as you accept our offer, the sale is completed. 

Step 4: Get paid

You will then need to sign the necessary paperworks to finalise the deal, after that, we pay you your full money in cash. Simple, straightforward and seamless, that is how we operate at Doug Pays Cash for Houses.

Why You Should Choose Doug Pays Cash For Your Fast Home Sale

Still considering whether to go with Doug Pays Cash for Houses when trying to sell your New Jersey home? Here, you will see the perks of working with us.

  • Our Mode of Operation is Easy and Seamless: We don’t believe in unnecessary drama. So, our mode of operation is pretty straightforward and puts the client at the centre of it all.
  • We Buy Fast: Our mode of operation is not only easy, it is also very fast as we operate with speed. We understand that some house owners need to move on from the precarious situation they are in as soon as possible. 

Thus, we ensure that we do not unnecessarily delay house owners from moving on to the next phase of their life. From the time you contact us, we ensure that we move at a pace determined by you. 

After contacting us, we can come inspect your house within two days. Immediately after inspection, an offer would be made to you. Your acceptance sets the ball rolling for the next phase. We pay within three to five days of your acceptance and we pay in cash. 

You need not worry about us just seeking financing after you accept our offer. We already have the money we want to pay you. So as soon as the deal is completed, you receive your money in cash. Thus, the whole sale can be completed within a week of you contacting us. 

  • We Buy Your House AS-IS: The way most home sales or estate agents operate is that, you must put your home in order before you attempt to sell it. That is, you must make your home habitable before you try to sell. However, at Doug Pays Cash for Houses, we don’t need you to make any repairs or renovations to your home, we Buy it just as it is. 

This is not so when you use an agent, we on the other hand buy any and all kinds of homes in New Jersey. Even if your home has been damaged by fire or needs to undergo renovation before it can be habitable, we will buy it just as it is. 

  • We Pay in Cash: Another advantage of choosing us is that we pay our clients in cash. Well, who doesn’t love the feel of cool cash. Also, our payments are timely, without any form of delay. As soon as you accept our offer, you can expect your cash imminently. 
  • We Do Not Collect Commissions or Deduct a Fee From Your Cash: One ubiquitous factor with using agents to sell your home is that you have to pay them a percent of the sale price which is their fee or commission. However, this is not the way we operate.

After we buy your house, you get your money in full without any deductions, fees or commissions removed from it. Thus with us at Doug Pays Cash for Houses, you are assured of your full pay. 

  • We Specialize in Distress Sales: One of our area of specialization at Doug Pays Cash for Houses is in distress sale. So if you are facing a divorce, avoiding foreclosure, looking to relocate, or you are in a precarious situation where you need to sell your house and you need the money as soon as possible, we are your best bet. 

Our mode of operation perfectly suits a distress sale, no delays, no complicated contracts, the whole deal can be sealed within a week. And you have your money in cash too, so you can move on to the next phase of your life without any complications. 

Wrap Up

So, if you need to sell your house in NJ , you need not look further than Doug Pays Cash for Houses. 

We are your best bet for a quick and easy sale. We ensure that you get a fair offer for your home. 

You also do not need to incur any further expenses when looking to sell your home. 

We Buy Houses NJ and offer a simple, straightforward and seamless service. 

Contact us today at Doug Pays Cash for Houses

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