5 Ways to Utilize Color When Selling Your House in Flemington

5 Ways to Utilize Color When Selling Your House in Flemington

Painting your house in bright, bold, brash colors is fine for you – you’re the one who lives there. But it’s a different matter entirely when it comes to selling your house. Your preferences then have to take a back seat to what buyers want. And what buyers prefer is neutral colors rather than bold ones. Still, you have to strike a balance between boring and beautiful. So let’s look at 5 ways to utilize color when selling your house in Flemington.

1. Be Sparing With Bright and Trendy Colors

First, as we mentioned, you need to be very sparing in the use of bright colors when selling your house in Flemington or anywhere else. A few bright splashes of color are probably fine as decorative accents, but even then you don’t want to overdo it. The bright splashes should be reserved for non-permanent accessories so that buyers will know they can remove them if they want.

Also, you need to be careful about using trendy colors. First, such colors may be popular in the media, but not with actual home buyers. In addition, trendy colors may be wildly popular with top designers and in major metropolitan areas, but is your house in such an area? These colors may look cool in the magazines, but can actually be counterproductive for selling purposes.

2. Choose the Right Color for Your House and The Neighborhood

Yes, choosing neutral hues when selling your house in Flemington is a good color tactic. But you also have to keep in mind that different neutrals have different levels of appeal for different houses and in different markets.

Your job, then, is to select the color that best fits with the style of your home, the lighting, and the temperature of other colors. And then you have to figure which colors are a good fit with other homes in the neighborhood.

Color trends change frequently in real estate and often change dramatically every eight to 10 years. Be sure, then, to consult your Flemington agent at 908-448-2770 to find out what colors are currently popular in your area.

3. Consider the Impact of Lighting on Colors

As we intimated just above, lighting is important in getting the color right. Think about the time you bought a new bedspread because it looked great in the store. But then when you got it home in the different lighting, it really wasn’t all that attractive. The same thing applies when utilizing color for selling your house in Flemington.

Here’s what you have to keep in mind . . . 

The bulbs used in artificial lighting have what’s known as a color temperature that can dramatically change the appearance of a color. So don’t pick out your colors in the paint store. Take those samples home and see what they look like in the lighting there.

But it’s not all about artificial lighting. You also need to determine how prospective colors will look when you throw open your blinds and drapes. You can always switch out light bulbs, but you can’t change natural lighting. 

4. Use the Optimal Color for Each Room

A key element of best-utilizing color for selling your house in Flemington is using the right color for each room, for example . . . 


“[D]design pros believe that warm gray or classic white tones are best for painting interior rooms like the kitchen.”


“When in doubt, write it out. . . . [P]ros believe white paint will sell your home because not only does it provide future buyers with a blank slate, but it gives living rooms a fresh, well-kept appearance that appeals to the masses.”


Industry experts agree that the winning color option for bedrooms is an airy white or soft taupe.


“Fresh, clean and soothing” is the effect you’re after here. “[P]ros believe pale blue is the best-selling hue for small spaces like the [bathroom], washroom, or laundry room.”

5. Make Some Color Adjustments for the Exterior

We’ve been talking about interior colors, but there’s also the outside of your house to consider. And things are slightly different when it comes to utilizing color on the exterior when selling your house in Flemington.

Bright colors are still to be avoided (mostly), but those neutral tones giveaway to predominantly white. “The most popular photos of the exterior of houses this year include lots of white paint . . . That’s a shift in recent years and includes crisp white contemporary houses, solid white farmhouses, and creamy Mediterranean and Spanish-style houses. We’re even seeing brick houses painted white.”

But you also have to paint exterior doors, especially the main entry door. And for that, the experts recommend using a darker or brighter color to enhance curb appeal. They suggest using “a semi-gloss or even high-gloss black or navy blue [on] the front door to add excitement to a white house.”

Consult Your Flemington Agent

These are all good color-utilization tips for getting your house ready to sell. But, as we indicated early on, color preferences among buyers can differ from local market to local market. So before you start slapping paint on walls, consult a top Flemington agent to find out what works best in your market. When you’re ready to optimally utilize color when selling your house in Flemington, contact us today at 908-448-2770.

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