Selling Your House in a Flemington Subdivision? Here’s How to Make it Stand Out!

If you’re thinking of selling your subdivision house, you may face a few more challenges than some sellers. Probably number-one among these challenges is making your house stand out from all the similar surrounding houses. It’s not a negative comment in any way, but the fact is that in a subdivision (most of the time) the houses are all very much alike with (typically) only minor differences. And therein lies the challenge – making your house stand out. So if you’re selling your house in a Flemington subdivision, keep reading to find out what you can do to make it stand out.

Enhance Curb Appeal

When it comes to selling your house in Flemington or anywhere, first impressions are immensely important. Your chance to create a great first impression lies with what potential buyers first see when they pull up – the outside of your house. And that’s why it’s so important to work on curb appeal to make your house stand out.

“The first impression of your house is the one people get from the street, but ironically, it often gets overlooked, with sellers directing all their attention to the interior. With a few easy touches, your curb appeal can set a lasting, welcoming tone to the entire visit.”

Sprucing up the lawn and taking care of the landscaping are perhaps the most important aspects of enhancing curb appeal. Then, you should consider touching up or repainting the exterior. And some strategically placed potted plants and lawn furniture can provide the finishing touches.

To discover more about enhancing curb appeal for selling your house, contact your Flemington agent at 908-448-2770.

Repair, Declutter, and Clean

The basic preparations for selling your house in Flemington and to make it stand out – or, rather, not stand out in a bad way – in a subdivision remain the same no matter what. And it all begins with making necessary repairs, decluttering, and deep cleaning.

Here’s what industry pros say on this: “[M]ake sure [buyers] don’t see anything that needs repair. It includes cracks, loose or squeaky doorknobs, dangling weather stripping, and locks that get jammed easily. Anything dirty, and by dirty, consider anything that’s not squeaky clean. Also, any cluttered areas, which makes spaces feel much smaller, dirtier, older, and just all-around welcoming. Taking care of this is not about making your home stand out with something good. It is about making sure it doesn’t stand out with something terrible.”

Make it Neutral (But Not Too Much)

Far too many sellers fail to depersonalize and make their house neutral. So when selling your house in a Flemington subdivision and making it stand out, you should strive for a neutral, blank-palette effect.

The idea is to allow potential buyers to envision your house as their home. They should be able to imagine themselves living there with their own belongings in place. That means you’ll need to depersonalize, doing such things as removing family photos, taking down weird artwork, repainting in neutral tones, and so on.

But don’t carry it too far. You don’t want your house to be completely null, blank, and devoid of any character. Again, contact your Flemington agent for advice on how to proceed here.

Emphasize Features and Added Value

And if you really want to make your subdivision house stand out, make a point to emphasize all its great features and how much value they add. For selling your house is in large part a matter of savvy marketing, and this is one of its important elements.

So in your listing and during showings, point out that large, new deck and draw attention to the new energy-efficient windows. Doing this will draw potential buyer’s attention to the value-added aspect and will make your house stand out.

Lean on Your Flemington Agent

It may currently be a buyer’s market, but selling your house can still be a challenge, especially if it’s in a subdivision. As we’ve mentioned, though, your local agent can be a valuable resource to help you make your house stand out and market it effectively. So don’t miss out. If you’re selling your house in a Flemington subdivision, contact us today at 908-448-2770.

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