How Cash Home Buyers Can Help If You Are Facing Foreclosure

There can be little doubt that selling a house is a scary proposition, particularly when you assume that the process may take a long time. These days, everyone leads a hectic lifestyle, so it can feel daunting having to identify a trustworthy realtor, begin home repairs, get the property ready for listing, and then wait for a buyer to emerge.

However, it is possible to sidestep all of those headaches and get the process moving much faster. By selling your house for cash, you can indeed accomplish this seemingly impossible task. An as-is sale to a cash buyer can get you out from under a house quickly while still allowing you to receive a fair, market-based price.

A cash home buyer is someone interested in repairing homes they have purchased prior to placing them onto the open market. In this way, they offer you the ability to avoid the drudgery and expense involved in selling a house by streamlining the transaction process. There is no need to find a listing agent, you simply let the cash buyer purchase the property in an as-is condition and walk away with cash.

This type of deal is especially welcomed by those who are facing the possibility of foreclosure. Obtaining a fair offer in cash for the distressed proeprty, it is simpler than ever to free yourself from the stress you are under.

Whether you just want to sell your house in a fast, simplified manner, or you are struggling with other financial concerns, doing business with a cash buyer of as-is properties can be the perfect solution. You will never need to worry that your deal is going to fall through at the last minute, you do not need to spend money on realtor commissions, repair work, carrying costs, or the like. You can be done with the deal in short order and be free to move onto a new phase of life.

Here’s what’s possible with cash home buyers…

1) Eliminating Uncertainty

A common concern for those looking to sell my house fast in New Jersey is that once a deal is reached in principle, it will fall through at some point prior to closing. This could be because of a change of heart because financing was unobtainable, or for any number of other reasons. However, when dealing with a cash-buying investor, these worries disappear. There is often a sizable delay in reaching the closing table in a conventional home sale, but with an as-is home buyer, the entire process takes just a couple of weeks.

2) Keeping The Proceeds

Selling to cash, as-is buyer means that there is no need for the services of a realtor. As such, no money needs to be spent on commissions or other third-party fees that are typically incurred. The overall result is that the seller of the house has the freedom to retain all of the purchase prices for themselves. Though it may be true that a realtor will get a higher price for a given property, the amount of those proceeds spent in commissions and fees still end up leaving the seller with a bad deal, particularly if they must pay carrying costs while they wait for the home to actually sell.

3) Fast Timeline

If foreclosure is looming, there is a distinct advantage to the speed with which a sale to cash, as-is buyer can occur. You need not waste time listing the property, having open houses, and the like. You can simply contact the cash buyer, schedule a time to talk and get the ball rolling almost immediately. This type of speed is also ideal for sellers who are facing a divorce, a job relocation, or any other circumstance that makes a rapid deal necessary.

4) No Repairs Needed

A conventional home sale almost always entails doing some repairs and improvements in advance of listing in order to make the property more attractive to potential buyers. This can be time-consuming as well as expensive. The inconvenience factor is also very real, particularly if you are living on the property while this work is being done. However, with an as-is, cash sale, there is no need to do any of this type of work. The savings in time, money, and headaches are immeasurable.

5) Simplified Prices

To get the process of an as-is, cash sale going, all you need to do is make a simple phone call. Tell the cash buyer a bit about the property and what you think it may be worth. The purchaser will do some research, look at comparable homes in the area, pay an in-person visit to the home, and make a cash offer, either right there on the spot or within a day or so. If the price offer is acceptable to you, just agree to the transaction, and the wheels will be put immediately in motion. Sales of this sort close quickly, usually in under two weeks at the most.

The Bottom Line On Cash Home Buyers

When unexpected circumstances emerge, and you are facing the possibility of home foreclosure, you need to consider the advantages of working with a cash home buyer. The convenience, speed, and overall benefits of this type of transaction cannot be overstated, particularly during times of financial strain.

If you are among those who need to sell your home quickly and without the usual hassles of listing with an agent, use the contact form below to get in touch with us. We will guide you through the process and explain just how this type of deal can alleviate your burdens faster than you may have believed possible.

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